Then that

Then that Vo~pervykh, it chose to itselfthis column and persistently directs the actions on it let's get all the same it I will not leave, and I will master, though with a knife I will stick, time ~ another not to think up.

Vo~vtorykh, despite the desire to be in a game ~step with the chosen object, the boy is angry and as a result ventson an idol the rage.

Then that adults, wishing to keep an idol in not ~prikosnovennost, provoked in relation to it much more time ~rushitelny actions.

And how it was necessary to arrive To consider de's interests ~ty younger school age and to put for them at a playgroundWhen members of group agreed that the circular rassadka is optimum forimplementation of the purposes of our occupation, we started space transformation uchebno ~ rooms shifted tables to walls, and in the center put in a circle chairs for participants.

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