The American

The American Ear infections, colds, diarrhea and other diseases demanding participation of the pediatrist, for kids not a rarity.

But do not forget about visits to the doctor and when with your child everything is all right.

Check of a state of health of the kid is very important.

The American academy of pediatrics recommends not less than eight visits of the doctor during the first year of life of the child.

Checks of a state of health carry out in hours after the birth of the child, on the nd week, on the th week month, on the th week months, on the th week months, on the th week months, on the th week months, on the nd week year.

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But in the second

But in the second Now the child should perceive a room from the party unusual to it.

Performance of the first task did not cause difficulties even in fouryear children.

But in the second option the task was for them, as a rule, excessive.

It appeared that only some part of children of an average and about a third of the advanced preschool age in these conditions place furniture correctly.

Thus children designate the spatial relations the words reflecting the valid arrangement of furniture.

So, one boy of the advanced preschool age, placing furniture, speaks The whatnot with flowers costs between windows, means, here puts, and a piano nearby, and in a corner.

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For the sake

For the sake In this case we put restriction.

We stop multiplication if the result turns out more than one hundred.

For the sake of convenience of record in the first series we will multiply to , and in the second with record in the second column from to We prepare in advance two tables which serve pupils and the help, and a selfexamination form.

To read examples in a column, from top to down, and to teach them by heart it helps to remember results of multiplication of all numbers, from one to With tables it is possible to do fascinating exercises.

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It is important, that

It is important, that In case of need the tutor should prompt to children the content of game, track cast sometimes it is necessary to interfere tactfully, to observe behind that children acted in coordination.

It is important, that children gradually passed to the games demanding more and more close interaction of participants and, therefore, forcing than them is more increasing to be considered with each other.

The special attention of the tutor is demanded by leaders of childish sports, regulation of their behavior in relation to other children.

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Change kinds

Change kinds Will be in plenty.

Council studies for kids should be short counted minutes , and will suffice.

Change kinds of activity.

There were kittens on a charging.

Rose exactly, tails lifted, pads lifted also potyaIyanulis.

Also breathed here so … That this business went absolutely on perfectly, it is possible not simply to tell, but also to play such fairy tale.

Draw animals or will cut out ready pictures, make the wood in pedagogics it is called visual aid.

And if to take cliche and on it to depict and cut out some identical animals the same kittens, and differently them to paint – here and colors in passing we study.

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