Excesses of the wellknown

Excesses of the wellknown Hygiene became the custom establishing laws of individual life.

Excesses of the wellknown epikureysky feasts that is why disappeared, having given way to healthy nutrition.

Its advantage in scientifically established proportion between requirements of a body and consumed food.

Alcohol the rich condemn more than the poor.

They eat to be healthy, that is without a gluttony and organism poisoning.

It was preached by ancient morals, battling to a gluttony sin, proclaiming a post and abstention as virtue.

However in those days anybody also could not imagine that millionaires will resolutely pass from wine to juice that dinners lasting many hours will disappear, from them there are only memoirs, as about ancient whim.

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Possibility The basic purpose of this material to allow the child to practise independently in geometry, to learn to solve different problems.

Possibility to manipulate geometrical figures to have them differently, to investigate their distinctions extremely involves children.

Our materials remind games on the patience, thought up for kids, only with more definite educational purpose.

The child understands the basic geometrical principles that is so difficult for reaching traditional methods of training.

The understanding of a difference between figures equal, similar or equal on the area, understanding of an essence of transformation of figures, Pifagor's theorems arises spontaneously and brings to pupils a lot of pleasure.

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It will find

It will find There is no the best place and for promoting of children's hygiene of a food.

To convince public of profitability of a similar approach, to show that elegance and purity cost nothing they demand only simplicity, modesty and lack of expensive excesses here the real updating of society.

It will find of itself application, especially if Children's homes are arranged, as well as was right at the beginnin in the same buildings where there live parents.

Premises of free school should correspond to special conditions mental hygiene is important for the child as well as physical.

According to requirements of physical hygiene classes became much more because their size is connected now with volume of the air necessary for normal breath of children.

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For example, child

For example, child Each ofthem forms a certain type of the interpersonal relations.

Equally it is visible and in a set of other situations.

For example, child notloves carrot floating in soup, catches it, and.

one puts it onthe edge of own plate, and another alloys everything that it is not pleasant to it,in a plate to mother who eats up, that the product did not vanish.

But atit mother unconsciously strengthens in the child confidence that if~ it is not pleasant to it, it is possible to get rid of it in vital spaceother person, having shifted on it responsibility for the unpleasant.

For the psychologist space of the covered table with sitting around ~us families in ~ like a chessboard with the figures placedin a certain position.

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For example, any vital

For example, any vital Such behavior of adults brings the child into a condition of intense alarm and fear.

For example, any vital episode which at the correct relation completely would pass, turns adults into a terrible event and consequently can have serious consequences.

The fear can be inspired by adults and when the child sees at them fear manifestation.

Thus, children start to be afraid of a thunderstorm, mice, darkness.

Some people consider permissible to intimidate children if only to achieve from them obedience Idi here, and the aunt will take away that!; You will not obey, that uncle in a portfolio will plant!.

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