I and at adult

I and at adult And so it is simply disguised people play the Babayaga, both the hare, and the Snow Maiden, and all the others.

And you thought, what they the presents Yes! Eh you, and still the adult.

I and at adult theater will understand everything.

There and fire was artificial.

From V.


Mukhina's diary.

Certainly, not always reasonings of children happen faultless.

For this purpose they do not have enough knowledge and experience.

Quite often preschool children amuse adults with unexpected comparisons and conclusions.

Establishment of relationships of cause and effect.

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Now the same

Now the same I ask the same tone Where wolf show truly.

Where goat too it is true.

I change intonation.

A question of a wolf I set that tone to what spoke before about a goat.

Children show on a goat.

Now the same tone I ask about a goat.

Show on a goat.

A rough voice I ask about a goat.

Show on a wolf.

From V.


Mukhina's diary.

By the end of the first year of life there is a communication between the name of a subject and a subject.

Communication is expressed in search of a subject and stay it.

It also is an initial form of understanding of speech.

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That will

That will So, … went – there was a woodcutter and suddenly met … And … and … and … Do an expressive pause and wait that your chatterer will tell.

That will tell – that and will be, pick up and, indifferently, scratch further.

There will be it a table – the table, a snake – so a snake, not means be fastidious.

And here they went … is not present, spread together … – And why to the woodcutter not to learn to creep – And to try to resemble in a snake way.

– And at the same time to find out, why snakes creep, instead of go Here to you both action development, and chargin and natural study lesson, and entertainment.

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The first

The first Thus at the kid are straightened .

Whether the smile of the kid is realized Yes, the kid can smile to itself.

The first smiles of children are not emotional reflection of their internal state, but by th week the kid already becomes socially active and is capable For back massage by a palm of the left hand do long stroking movements from a neck to buttocks AS the CHILD FOR the th WEEK MATURED the emotions.

When yours began with the child communication, the first that you made, was a smile.

Researchers consider that the first emotional reaction of the child is with what communication with it begins.

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Not evidence, but belief

Not evidence, but belief Explanations, demonstrations of miracles if there is no belief are vain.

Not evidence, but belief allows truth to get into consciousness.

Sense organs will not help, if there is no internal readiness to perceive.

When in the Gospel tell about tremendous miracles of the Christ always the conclusion follows Many, beheld it, believed.

It as if the invitation by a dinner.

Those who is too occupied will not respond to it.

Concern in difficult intellectual ideas prevents suddenly arisen obvious truth to get into consciousness.

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