The pupil

The pupil Having made the first offer, the child replaces only one card instead of open puts close and sees that change of a verb changes sense of the offer, forces to make other action is perfect.

The pupil carries out a task and makes the necessary offer of cards.

We prepared series with antonymous and synonymous verbs.

Series AOpen a door Take a black pencil Close a door Give a black pencil Put the handle Stick knotThrow the handle Untie knot Lift a chair Throw beads Raise a chair Collect beadsSeries BSlightly open the book Show a hand Close the book Hide a hand Lower a hand Concern a fabric Raise a hand Feel a fabricThrow a ball Write a short wordThrow a ball Erase a short wordSeries BHang up a plate Devastate a vase Remove a plate Fill a vase Combine a word Hang the head Disassemble a word Lift the headNacherti a circle Carry by a small chairPaint over a circle Drag a small chairSeries GOpen Vydvini's box a chairClose a box Push a chairBring a small little table Move a board Carry away a small little table Remove a board Take the book Combine white paperGive me the book Straighten white paperSeries DClench a fist Lift a pencil Unclench a fist Lower a pencil Collect a pink tower Give the orderDisassemble a pink tower Execute the orderStraighten a carpet Mix paintsCombine a carpet Combine paintsLessons and orders of a subject a verb Studying of a verb and all exercises with it connected very much are pleasant to children.

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That at mother

That at mother If it is necessary, cover the child with a blanket.

Coming into a building or sitting down in the car, do not forget to take off from the kid additional warming clothes.

The child feels equally uncomfortablly not only when to it it is cold, but also when hot.

Additional data on feeding at the age of six weeks between feeding mother and the kid establish close interaction.

Result of interaction is that.

that at mother so much milk is developed, how many it is necessary for the child.

You still continue to feed him times per day.

The forthcoming month of feedings does not become less.

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Look, how I speak. The teacher

Look, how I speak. The teacher The teacher shows a subject with the simple name coffee, rose.

He pays attention of pupils to a subject, briefly sums up to already last subject lesson, raising in children interest to a subject.

– We will write a word a rose.

Listen, as I speak.

Look, how I speak.

The teacher says separately each sound of a word, is exaggerated articulatin that pupils could see movements of organs of speech.

Children repeat a word, continuing to develop the speech.

One of pupils approaches to a support, finds the necessary letters and spreads them in the set order.

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Sometimes Constantly speak about a voice of conscience which helps us to distinguish two concepts the good granting tranquillity of an order, enthusiasm of force; and the evil pain, sometimes intolerable, caused by a remorse, a gloom and chaos, fever, a serious sincere illness.

Not social laws, not public opinion, not material welfare, not rescue from dangers generate this feeling.

Sometimes people find rest in misfortune.

But a remorse lady Macbeth, not taking away an eye from bloody splashes on narrow palms, is capable to exhaust it which has won the kingdom.

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It cannot

It cannot Lenses of physicists are arranged according to laws of refraction of light.

The tool of the teacher should correspond to manifestations of children's mentality, as if the special systematic mental test.

It cannot be based on external parameters, differently there will be an assessment of only instant mental reaction, to it provoked.

The real pedagogical tool represents the incentive corresponding to mental reactions which itself causes and supports.

Mental reactions define and form the mental test.

The unique mental reaction which allows to compare tests is duration of polarization of attention on object and number of repetitions of actions with it.

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