We complain

We complain Even that time when, apparently, the kid is shipped in own occupations, his head it is adjusted on reception.

You can to call the subjects which have interested the child, to call actions, which he makes – will remember perfectly.

And why in passing and the fairy tale not to tell Art lives on to children's laws – to laws of feelings, and than earlier the child with it adjoins, it is better than subjects.

We complain that children when grow up, not are torn in theaters, in museums, in art galleries them not to drag.

Or perhaps it is necessary to adjust just now that is passed in the early childhood, remains forever.

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As we already

As we alreadyAnd even teenagers do not love, when mother and became onitself it is not similar.

As we already repeatedly spoke, mother for the child an axis, on a cat ~the swarm keeps it the world, and the major reference point which should be all ~ and everywhere it is instantly identified, and therefore should possess are constant ~ signs.

Variability of her appearance generates at the child ~the renny fear that it will escape, and it will lose it, without having learned againstothers.

By the way, authoritative leaders, feeling parental a figure ~, well understood children's lines in psychology subject to them ~comrade.

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As the subject

As the subject It turns out that for the child presence of loving parentsit seems stronger shelter, than all doors with locks.

As the subject of security of the house and terrible imaginations are actualpractically for all children of a certain age, they find the ~zheniye in children's folklore, in traditional terrifying stories, izustnobeing transferred from generation to generation of children.

In one of the most widespread on all territory of Russia ~ it is told about how a certain family with children lives in a room, where on Grechina O.


, Osorina M.


Modern folklore prose of childrenRussian folklore.

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If younger

If younger Answers of children that they feel, instead of that other children speak, speak not independence of a choice of behavior, and absence of orientation to other children.

If younger preschool children follow group, it results from that the child who did not concentrate on questions of the adult, and was occupied with something for example, played with the fingers or with a spot on a table and did not penetrate into the maintenance of a question, gives an ekhoreaktsiya.

Thus it is emotionally quiet.

In fivesix years children start to be guided by opinion of contemporaries actively.

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The child

The child Abundance of toys harmfully! Especially abundance of monotonous, same toys.

It is not a pity to destroy the machine if you have their twelve pieces and on turn the thirteenth.

The child has the right to do with the toy that wants.

You have the right not to buy one more, similar to those that it broke.

Then balance will be established.

Then he will learn to think.

To appreciate and protect.

And not to worry, will not break will break!, once again not to straighten out and to reproach the kid do not fill up the child with expensive toys about which breakage you will be sorry.

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