The child

The child Expected problems belonged more likely to education area.

The child should learn to submit to another's will more, rather than the.

Whether there will be our free pupil not capable to serious efforts for execution necessary, but unloved work At last, whether he will learn to endow Human life is hard and filled not with one pleasures.

My some critics spoke it is difficultly to study in six years, it is even more difficult in seven.

Here a vile ghost of the table of Pifagor, the dry gymnastics of mind imposed by grammar.

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A smell, of course, any was not, but sufferings

A smell, of course, any was not, but sufferings On the contrary, sensitivity will push to perfection.

People can excellently distinguish good from the evil as Ancient Greek artists whom esthetic sense directed, managed to define ideal parameters of a human body.

Sacred Theresa said that when the malicious person came nearer to it, she suffered, as if at emergence of a disgusting smell.

A smell, of course, any was not, but sufferings were quite real internal intolerable pain.

Our insensibility As we are far from the distinguished feeling which is showing in suffering at the sight of the evil and in pleasure at the sight of another's benefit.

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Speech of the adult

Speech of the adult Researches prove that among every possible sounds the child gives the greatest preference to a human voice.

To help the kid to develop the acoustic analyzer, it is necessary to talk to it often.

Speech of the adult should be silent and slow.

As a rule, both parents and children enjoy very much joint communication.

Sense of smell.

Scientists consider that sense of smell of the newborn is well developed.

In an hour after the birth on a smell the kid is capable to find a parent nipple.

During stay in a parent belly through a placenta to a fruit smells of strongly smelling products, for example garlic arrive.

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It is dangerous

It is dangerousIt it pulled a magic hand or it the mechanical hand about the motor ~the check to drag off members of the family on an attic where they were killed or evenare eaten by it it.

In certain cases militiamen shoot at oncethe villain, and members of the family right there revive.

It is dangerous not to close doors and windows, making the house available for malicious force,for example in the form of the black sheet flying on the city.

So happens with ~and windows are open by vy or disobedient children who leave doors ~ contrary to an order of mother or a voice by the radio, warning themabout approaching threat.

The child the hero of a terrifying story can feel protected ~ny, only if in his house there are no openings even potential,in the form of a spot which could open as a course in the outside world, a floor ~ny dangers.

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If the child

If the child If during the first week of life you noticed blood or slime in a chair of the kid, it can testify to intolerance of milk protein.

Sometimes blood happens the unique symptom of this condition.

If the intolerance exists, it is necessary to transfer the child to a hypoallergenic nutritious mix.

Discuss this problem with the pediatrist.

If the child does not want to eat, it is not necessary to force it.

In hours try to feed the kid again.

However, if the child passes two feedings in a row, contact the pediatrist.

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