ConversationFar not, and pedagogically important the question of that is idle,what territory is out of door necessary to children that they had enough forces it to master,not to be lost and not to be dissolved in it, to satisfy the curiosityand to realize the desires.

Conversation on what space the children of a miscellaneous are capable to seizeage also that they there do, it is possible to begin with a summary ~ unique research of American Roger Hert.

After the university termination Hert started to teach geography into school.

In the course of the pedagogical activity Hert became interestedhow geographical representations are formed at children but not onto school textbooks and cards.

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– One kitten

– One kitten Make the emphasis on it is and will create fine conditions for the oral account.

– How many all was kittens Let's count and consider, and bend fingers – And all animals how many lived on an attic Do not forget to explainshow that such an attic.

– One kitten went milk to drink, and the others play.

How many kittens plays consider – and bend fingers.

Or take four toy kittens and in a bed stack onetwo.

How many remained Also consider, touching everyone in turn.

And if to consider that each kitten had the small basket bed and the saucer for milk – how many new schitatelny possibilities! And after all is also the wood, trees in which conveniently to consider, and the multistorey building with short flights of stairs on which you go down – you rise, and people da animals da birds and insects, which will meet on the road.

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It is a rocking

It is a rocking Accessories to care of children.

You need at the double accessories on the care of children.

Certainly, two cots, two stools, two automobile seats, a double carriage are necessary.

There are accessories on leaving which will be enough and in one copy.

It is a rocking chair, prygunka, a pelenalny little table, a children's tray.


Before parents at whom twins or triplets were born, there is very important choice.

It is necessary for them to make the decision on how they will feed the children.

Some mothers want to carry out only chest feeding.

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Contact To children about two months a dose of medicine should appoint only the attending physician.

When to call the doctor.

Contact the doctor if at the child there is following breath is complicated or speeded up; wings of a nose are inflated at each breath;th WEEK rattles are audible; color of integuments changed and became gray or earthy; the child badly eats; the child constantly cries; child languid, indifferent; body temperature rose to ,° or already long time keeps; the kid pulls itself ears; urination was reduced.

If at the child any of these symptoms, the pediatrist wants to visit you.

At accession of a secondary infection the course of antibacterial therapy can be appointed.

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And when

And when And once … once the bud revealed – and all saw its yellow seredinka similar to the small sun, only slightly – slightly shaggy.

Once upon a time there was a solar dandelion; and very much to it on light it was pleasant; da's dews of dews.

And when absolutely grew, color it changed the.

Look, as on a long small stalk its white head shook.

And all it consisted from small the white fuzzes similar on , or umbrellas.

They were lungs – lungs, and they wanted to fly up, therefore that the sunflower seed, a kernel held a tip of everyone .

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