§ Memory

§ Memory Stability of attention to intellectual activity considerably increases by seven years.

By the end of preschool age at children ability to any attention starts to develop intensively.

Further, in school trainin any attention becomes an indispensable condition of the organization of educational activity.

§ Memory development The preschool age is characterized by intensive development of ability to storing and reproduction.

The period on which people are remembered, events, at preschool age is removed for vaguely long terms.

Really, if we difficult or nearly cannot remember something from events of the early childhood, the preschool childhood leaves many bright memoirs.

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Scientific And receptions of training are born from experience.

More profound knowledge of modern doctors changes many receptions of empirical medicine.

The empirical medicine resorts to a krovopuskaniye and plasters.

Scientific comes back to an old principle vis medicatrix naturae, that is force in the nature.

The live organism is capable to battle to an illness and to win it.

This principle should be studied, creating rational medicine.

The one who believes that the medicine or the doctor treats the patient .

The one who knows that the organism itself can recover for this purpose it it is necessary to preserve, support in it a natural power the scientist.

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The teacher

The teacher The subject A.

Louise threw a wool lump into fire.

Began to smell the paleny.

The teacher abused Louise.

The boy opened a window to air.

Subject V.

Ernst overturned an inkwell on a floor.

The floor became dirty.

The teacher rebuked the boy.

He promised to be attentive.

The subject S.

Elza well read the story.

The teacher praised it and gave the excellent.

Elzait is happy.

Subject D.

Maria soiled the writingbook.

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I think that

I think that Bought then a long loaf and whether ~monads also sat there.

It was healthy because that our company has theplace.

Then ~ from children brought there the friends.

I felt that me,our idea betrayed.

I think that all so felt, because after that wedid not go any more there, and our company broke up Natasha.

To participate in construction of a staff many wanted, but began it it is chosen ~the ny who had higher status.

The rests had to build theoptions in more inconvenient places.

If the quite strong broke awaythe group, could begin fight for at whom the staff is better.

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Compose, compose

Compose, compose It is creativity, and it is attractive.

The more will write down fairy tales – the it will want more to compose new and new.

Who knows, can, thanking it in to your family there will be an excellent young writer.

Compose, compose with us – What is the word These are the sounds located in certain order.

For example and R and N and the word Arina turned out, – Arisha does a pause, and then meditatively speaks – Means, sounds are founders of words Inspiration secrets We noticed the fairy tale, when is easy and beautifully composed you will be adjusted on own child.

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