Then that

Then that Vo~pervykh, it chose to itselfthis column and persistently directs the actions on it let's get all the same it I will not leave, and I will master, though with a knife I will stick, time ~ another not to think up.

Vo~vtorykh, despite the desire to be in a game ~step with the chosen object, the boy is angry and as a result ventson an idol the rage.

Then that adults, wishing to keep an idol in not ~prikosnovennost, provoked in relation to it much more time ~rushitelny actions.

And how it was necessary to arrive To consider de's interests ~ty younger school age and to put for them at a playgroundWhen members of group agreed that the circular rassadka is optimum forimplementation of the purposes of our occupation, we started space transformation uchebno ~ rooms shifted tables to walls, and in the center put in a circle chairs for participants.

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Let's remind

Let's remind Badly if it speaks about the ship with grief or at once describes obstacles – is not present boats to reach, there is no desire.

Such quite often happens at teenagers, but be not frightened, this age world vision, it passes, when the evolved person starts better itself to understand.

Let's remind once again that answers which disturbed you – yet occasion to write down itself or the child in the category unsuccessful, it only mold of a present condition of consciousness and subconsciousness.

But on any disputed issues it is necessary to pay attention and consider them in the further.

The CASKET WITH FAIRY TALES Having put a felttip pen aside, the baby considers drawing and argues with itself I drew a doggie … On what it is similar … That the fairy tale was easily composed, at least it is necessary two component mood and inspiration.

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But to these

But to these It takes a stick and starts to play with it.

But here the end of a stick touched a toy.

It moved.

The child now notices it.

Its attention again directs to a toy, and it starts to move specially already it, watching reached movings.

After a number of tests those movements which approach a toy are allocated.

The purpose is reached, the desirable subject is received.

But to these business does not come to an end.

Very often interest of the child is transferred on action with the tool, on its communication with subject moving.

And the child continues to investigate this communication, specially removing a toy and again approaching it a stick.

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In comparison

In comparison Then physicians found out that means of preservation of health best of all help and with an illness because it is the unique source of life granting health, vis medicatrix naturae.

For example, the rational mode not only is useful to healthy people, but is extremely important at care of patients.

The diet for suffering gout, tuberculosis, fever has huge value.

In comparison with it all drugs anything.

The current trend consists in resolute replacement of toxic therapy by natural procedures rest, medical gymnastics, hydrotherapy and climatotherapy.

Psychiatrists, neuropathologists enter effective treatment by work to occupy mind of the degrading patient with the ordered activity.

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It translates

It translatesWhat the tutor in this case does A lot of things, despiteexternal simplicity of its offer.

It translates for the child a situation inother system of coordinates, not so fizicheski~prostranstvenny, and psycho ~logic and moral, that does not allow it to react on ~Day as on stirring subjects and offers at once the child new programs ~ behavior in which this new installation is realized.

It is interesting that among adult passengers people sometimes meet,which try to introduce in the ways available to them in consciousness ~yushchy the same truth directly through actions.

Here svidetelstvoosvoyeniye of public transport trips with adultsWhen by me ~ it is roughly torn and ~ toto me does not address, as though I simply a stub on the road, I purposely not ~ while politely will not ask!By the way, this problem in principle is well familiar ~ ~to nik according to magic fairy tales the characters met on the road an oven, ~, etc.

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