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Some exercises, and here

Two fingers, average and index, we lead round a contour figures, and then we insert it into a frame opening.Some exercises, and here we already put figures in a framework blindly.Page I learned to learn many figures square, circle, rectangle, oval, triangle, pentagon, hexagon, heptagon, octagon, ninesquare, decagon.It was easy to me to learn all these words, after all loose leaves such interesting!Intelligent reading Children master intelligent readin as well as in Children's home, by means of cards.The pupil chooses a card in the prepared series of a certain complexity, reads it silently, and then carries out the action specified in a card.

But the increase

They some of this knowledge receive directly from adults, others from experience of own supervision and the activity, directed and directed by adults.But the increase in a stock of knowledge cannot explain thinking development yet.The matter is that assimilation of knowledge represents the solution of cogitative tasks, results from thinking.The child simply will not understand explanations of the adult, will not take any lessons from a personal experience if will not manage to execute the cogitative actions directed on allocation of those communications and the relations to which to it adults point and on which the success of its activity depends.

Only in a case

Then light and convenient penalty was considered to send the child to sleep without a dinner to correct his malicious temper.The practician arguing today that the child, preparing for vital difficulties, should pay attention to unpleasant things, reminds former careful parents.Only in a case with a food for mentality there is no the hunger, forcing to swallow tasteless, cold food, a food indigestible, otuplyayushchy, poisonous.So you will not bring up the strong spirit ready to everyday difficulties.At the child who was eating up the cold remains, starving in the evenings, badly developed body is defenseless before external infections, he will fall ill.

The fatigue

Formation of mind should mean first of all this purpose.Formation of mind its this rescuefrom the internal dangers threatening with an illness and death, this clarification from mistakes.The fatigue from cramming does not form mind.We well understand it, seein how many today unbalanced, mad people, there are even what seem absolutely healthy, but suddenly show the madness signs, capable to ruin all mankind.We should care not of forcing the child to learn somethin but always to support in it light called by reason.Even when it is necessary to devote it all life as ancient vestalka arrived.But business of that costs.

, I gave whose

The person is our lovely Joseph., which saw off me in school,He adored the horse who obeyed it in everything.The box of paints is very beautiful., which the aunt presented to me for Christmas, At me such pencil what other children do not have.Here money that you gave me.Madeleine perfectly draws., I gave whose drawing to you, I live in such house where there is a lot of the sun.There are days when it is pleasant to walk barefoot.I live in the city, it is better which is not present on light.Series Compound sentence with the different additional Additional in offers of this series explain not only a separate word, as in the previous phrases, but also the main clause as a whole.

The American

Ear infections, colds, diarrhea and other diseases demanding participation of the pediatrist, for kids not a rarity.But do not forget about visits to the doctor and when with your child everything is all right.Check of a state of health of the kid is very important.The American academy of pediatrics recommends not less than eight visits of the doctor during the first year of life of the child.Checks of a state of health carry out in hours after the birth of the child, on the nd week, on the th week month, on the th week months, on the th week months, on the th week months, on the th week months, on the nd week year.

But in the second

Now the child should perceive a room from the party unusual to it.Performance of the first task did not cause difficulties even in fouryear children.But in the second option the task was for them, as a rule, excessive.It appeared that only some part of children of an average and about a third of the advanced preschool age in these conditions place furniture correctly.Thus children designate the spatial relations the words reflecting the valid arrangement of furniture.So, one boy of the advanced preschool age, placing furniture, speaks The whatnot with flowers costs between windows, means, here puts, and a piano nearby, and in a corner.

For the sake

In this case we put restriction.We stop multiplication if the result turns out more than one hundred.For the sake of convenience of record in the first series we will multiply to , and in the second with record in the second column from to We prepare in advance two tables which serve pupils and the help, and a selfexamination form.To read examples in a column, from top to down, and to teach them by heart it helps to remember results of multiplication of all numbers, from one to With tables it is possible to do fascinating exercises.

It is important, that

In case of need the tutor should prompt to children the content of game, track cast sometimes it is necessary to interfere tactfully, to observe behind that children acted in coordination.It is important, that children gradually passed to the games demanding more and more close interaction of participants and, therefore, forcing than them is more increasing to be considered with each other.The special attention of the tutor is demanded by leaders of childish sports, regulation of their behavior in relation to other children.

Change kinds

Will be in plenty.Council studies for kids should be short counted minutes , and will suffice.Change kinds of activity.There were kittens on a charging.Rose exactly, tails lifted, pads lifted also potyaIyanulis.Also breathed here so … That this business went absolutely on perfectly, it is possible not simply to tell, but also to play such fairy tale.Draw animals or will cut out ready pictures, make the wood in pedagogics it is called visual aid.And if to take cliche and on it to depict and cut out some identical animals the same kittens, and differently them to paint – here and colors in passing we study.

Excesses of the wellknown

Hygiene became the custom establishing laws of individual life.Excesses of the wellknown epikureysky feasts that is why disappeared, having given way to healthy nutrition.Its advantage in scientifically established proportion between requirements of a body and consumed food.Alcohol the rich condemn more than the poor.They eat to be healthy, that is without a gluttony and organism poisoning.It was preached by ancient morals, battling to a gluttony sin, proclaiming a post and abstention as virtue.However in those days anybody also could not imagine that millionaires will resolutely pass from wine to juice that dinners lasting many hours will disappear, from them there are only memoirs, as about ancient whim.


The basic purpose of this material to allow the child to practise independently in geometry, to learn to solve different problems.Possibility to manipulate geometrical figures to have them differently, to investigate their distinctions extremely involves children.Our materials remind games on the patience, thought up for kids, only with more definite educational purpose.The child understands the basic geometrical principles that is so difficult for reaching traditional methods of training.The understanding of a difference between figures equal, similar or equal on the area, understanding of an essence of transformation of figures, Pifagor's theorems arises spontaneously and brings to pupils a lot of pleasure.

It will find

There is no the best place and for promoting of children's hygiene of a food.To convince public of profitability of a similar approach, to show that elegance and purity cost nothing they demand only simplicity, modesty and lack of expensive excesses here the real updating of society.It will find of itself application, especially if Children's homes are arranged, as well as was right at the beginnin in the same buildings where there live parents.Premises of free school should correspond to special conditions mental hygiene is important for the child as well as physical.According to requirements of physical hygiene classes became much more because their size is connected now with volume of the air necessary for normal breath of children.

For example, child

Each ofthem forms a certain type of the interpersonal relations.Equally it is visible and in a set of other situations.For example, child notloves carrot floating in soup, catches it, and.one puts it onthe edge of own plate, and another alloys everything that it is not pleasant to it,in a plate to mother who eats up, that the product did not vanish.But atit mother unconsciously strengthens in the child confidence that if~ it is not pleasant to it, it is possible to get rid of it in vital spaceother person, having shifted on it responsibility for the unpleasant.For the psychologist space of the covered table with sitting around ~us families in ~ like a chessboard with the figures placedin a certain position.

For example, any vital

Such behavior of adults brings the child into a condition of intense alarm and fear.For example, any vital episode which at the correct relation completely would pass, turns adults into a terrible event and consequently can have serious consequences.The fear can be inspired by adults and when the child sees at them fear manifestation.Thus, children start to be afraid of a thunderstorm, mice, darkness.Some people consider permissible to intimidate children if only to achieve from them obedience Idi here, and the aunt will take away that!; You will not obey, that uncle in a portfolio will plant!.

I and at adult

And so it is simply disguised people play the Babayaga, both the hare, and the Snow Maiden, and all the others.And you thought, what they the presents Yes! Eh you, and still the adult.I and at adult theater will understand everything.There and fire was artificial.From V.S.Mukhina's diary.Certainly, not always reasonings of children happen faultless.For this purpose they do not have enough knowledge and experience.Quite often preschool children amuse adults with unexpected comparisons and conclusions.Establishment of relationships of cause and effect.

Now the same

I ask the same tone Where wolf show truly.Where goat too it is true.I change intonation.A question of a wolf I set that tone to what spoke before about a goat.Children show on a goat.Now the same tone I ask about a goat.Show on a goat.A rough voice I ask about a goat.Show on a wolf.From V.S.Mukhina's diary.By the end of the first year of life there is a communication between the name of a subject and a subject.Communication is expressed in search of a subject and stay it.It also is an initial form of understanding of speech.

That will

So, … went – there was a woodcutter and suddenly met … And … and … and … Do an expressive pause and wait that your chatterer will tell.That will tell – that and will be, pick up and, indifferently, scratch further.There will be it a table – the table, a snake – so a snake, not means be fastidious.And here they went … is not present, spread together … – And why to the woodcutter not to learn to creep – And to try to resemble in a snake way.– And at the same time to find out, why snakes creep, instead of go Here to you both action development, and chargin and natural study lesson, and entertainment.

The first

Thus at the kid are straightened .Whether the smile of the kid is realized Yes, the kid can smile to itself.The first smiles of children are not emotional reflection of their internal state, but by th week the kid already becomes socially active and is capable For back massage by a palm of the left hand do long stroking movements from a neck to buttocks AS the CHILD FOR the th WEEK MATURED the emotions.When yours began with the child communication, the first that you made, was a smile.Researchers consider that the first emotional reaction of the child is with what communication with it begins.

Not evidence, but belief

Explanations, demonstrations of miracles if there is no belief are vain.Not evidence, but belief allows truth to get into consciousness.Sense organs will not help, if there is no internal readiness to perceive.When in the Gospel tell about tremendous miracles of the Christ always the conclusion follows Many, beheld it, believed.It as if the invitation by a dinner.Those who is too occupied will not respond to it.Concern in difficult intellectual ideas prevents suddenly arisen obvious truth to get into consciousness.

The pupil

Having made the first offer, the child replaces only one card instead of open puts close and sees that change of a verb changes sense of the offer, forces to make other action is perfect.The pupil carries out a task and makes the necessary offer of cards.We prepared series with antonymous and synonymous verbs.Series AOpen a door Take a black pencil Close a door Give a black pencil Put the handle Stick knotThrow the handle Untie knot Lift a chair Throw beads Raise a chair Collect beadsSeries BSlightly open the book Show a hand Close the book Hide a hand Lower a hand Concern a fabric Raise a hand Feel a fabricThrow a ball Write a short wordThrow a ball Erase a short wordSeries BHang up a plate Devastate a vase Remove a plate Fill a vase Combine a word Hang the head Disassemble a word Lift the headNacherti a circle Carry by a small chairPaint over a circle Drag a small chairSeries GOpen Vydvini's box a chairClose a box Push a chairBring a small little table Move a board Carry away a small little table Remove a board Take the book Combine white paperGive me the book Straighten white paperSeries DClench a fist Lift a pencil Unclench a fist Lower a pencil Collect a pink tower Give the orderDisassemble a pink tower Execute the orderStraighten a carpet Mix paintsCombine a carpet Combine paintsLessons and orders of a subject a verb Studying of a verb and all exercises with it connected very much are pleasant to children.

That at mother

If it is necessary, cover the child with a blanket.Coming into a building or sitting down in the car, do not forget to take off from the kid additional warming clothes.The child feels equally uncomfortablly not only when to it it is cold, but also when hot.Additional data on feeding at the age of six weeks between feeding mother and the kid establish close interaction.Result of interaction is that.that at mother so much milk is developed, how many it is necessary for the child.You still continue to feed him times per day.The forthcoming month of feedings does not become less.

Look, how I speak. The teacher


Constantly speak about a voice of conscience which helps us to distinguish two concepts the good granting tranquillity of an order, enthusiasm of force; and the evil pain, sometimes intolerable, caused by a remorse, a gloom and chaos, fever, a serious sincere illness.Not social laws, not public opinion, not material welfare, not rescue from dangers generate this feeling.Sometimes people find rest in misfortune.But a remorse lady Macbeth, not taking away an eye from bloody splashes on narrow palms, is capable to exhaust it which has won the kingdom.

It cannot

Lenses of physicists are arranged according to laws of refraction of light.The tool of the teacher should correspond to manifestations of children's mentality, as if the special systematic mental test.It cannot be based on external parameters, differently there will be an assessment of only instant mental reaction, to it provoked.The real pedagogical tool represents the incentive corresponding to mental reactions which itself causes and supports.Mental reactions define and form the mental test.The unique mental reaction which allows to compare tests is duration of polarization of attention on object and number of repetitions of actions with it.

We complain

Even that time when, apparently, the kid is shipped in own occupations, his head it is adjusted on reception.You can to call the subjects which have interested the child, to call actions, which he makes – will remember perfectly.And why in passing and the fairy tale not to tell Art lives on to children's laws – to laws of feelings, and than earlier the child with it adjoins, it is better than subjects.We complain that children when grow up, not are torn in theaters, in museums, in art galleries them not to drag.Or perhaps it is necessary to adjust just now that is passed in the early childhood, remains forever.

As we already

And even teenagers do not love, when mother and became onitself it is not similar.As we already repeatedly spoke, mother for the child an axis, on a cat ~the swarm keeps it the world, and the major reference point which should be all ~ and everywhere it is instantly identified, and therefore should possess are constant ~ signs.Variability of her appearance generates at the child ~the renny fear that it will escape, and it will lose it, without having learned againstothers.By the way, authoritative leaders, feeling parental a figure ~, well understood children's lines in psychology subject to them ~comrade.

As the subject

It turns out that for the child presence of loving parentsit seems stronger shelter, than all doors with locks.As the subject of security of the house and terrible imaginations are actualpractically for all children of a certain age, they find the ~zheniye in children's folklore, in traditional terrifying stories, izustnobeing transferred from generation to generation of children.In one of the most widespread on all territory of Russia ~ it is told about how a certain family with children lives in a room, where on Grechina O.N., Osorina M.V.Modern folklore prose of childrenRussian folklore.

If younger

Answers of children that they feel, instead of that other children speak, speak not independence of a choice of behavior, and absence of orientation to other children.If younger preschool children follow group, it results from that the child who did not concentrate on questions of the adult, and was occupied with something for example, played with the fingers or with a spot on a table and did not penetrate into the maintenance of a question, gives an ekhoreaktsiya.Thus it is emotionally quiet.In fivesix years children start to be guided by opinion of contemporaries actively.

The child

Abundance of toys harmfully! Especially abundance of monotonous, same toys.It is not a pity to destroy the machine if you have their twelve pieces and on turn the thirteenth.The child has the right to do with the toy that wants.You have the right not to buy one more, similar to those that it broke.Then balance will be established.Then he will learn to think.To appreciate and protect.And not to worry, will not break will break!, once again not to straighten out and to reproach the kid do not fill up the child with expensive toys about which breakage you will be sorry.

The child

Expected problems belonged more likely to education area.The child should learn to submit to another's will more, rather than the.Whether there will be our free pupil not capable to serious efforts for execution necessary, but unloved work At last, whether he will learn to endow Human life is hard and filled not with one pleasures.My some critics spoke it is difficultly to study in six years, it is even more difficult in seven.Here a vile ghost of the table of Pifagor, the dry gymnastics of mind imposed by grammar.

A smell, of course, any was not, but sufferings

On the contrary, sensitivity will push to perfection.People can excellently distinguish good from the evil as Ancient Greek artists whom esthetic sense directed, managed to define ideal parameters of a human body.Sacred Theresa said that when the malicious person came nearer to it, she suffered, as if at emergence of a disgusting smell.A smell, of course, any was not, but sufferings were quite real internal intolerable pain.Our insensibility As we are far from the distinguished feeling which is showing in suffering at the sight of the evil and in pleasure at the sight of another's benefit.

Speech of the adult

Researches prove that among every possible sounds the child gives the greatest preference to a human voice.To help the kid to develop the acoustic analyzer, it is necessary to talk to it often.Speech of the adult should be silent and slow.As a rule, both parents and children enjoy very much joint communication.Sense of smell.Scientists consider that sense of smell of the newborn is well developed.In an hour after the birth on a smell the kid is capable to find a parent nipple.During stay in a parent belly through a placenta to a fruit smells of strongly smelling products, for example garlic arrive.

It is dangerous

It it pulled a magic hand or it the mechanical hand about the motor ~the check to drag off members of the family on an attic where they were killed or evenare eaten by it it.In certain cases militiamen shoot at oncethe villain, and members of the family right there revive.It is dangerous not to close doors and windows, making the house available for malicious force,for example in the form of the black sheet flying on the city.So happens with ~and windows are open by vy or disobedient children who leave doors ~ contrary to an order of mother or a voice by the radio, warning themabout approaching threat.The child the hero of a terrifying story can feel protected ~ny, only if in his house there are no openings even potential,in the form of a spot which could open as a course in the outside world, a floor ~ny dangers.

If the child

If during the first week of life you noticed blood or slime in a chair of the kid, it can testify to intolerance of milk protein.Sometimes blood happens the unique symptom of this condition.If the intolerance exists, it is necessary to transfer the child to a hypoallergenic nutritious mix.Discuss this problem with the pediatrist.If the child does not want to eat, it is not necessary to force it.In hours try to feed the kid again.However, if the child passes two feedings in a row, contact the pediatrist.


Far not, and pedagogically important the question of that is idle,what territory is out of door necessary to children that they had enough forces it to master,not to be lost and not to be dissolved in it, to satisfy the curiosityand to realize the desires.Conversation on what space the children of a miscellaneous are capable to seizeage also that they there do, it is possible to begin with a summary ~ unique research of American Roger Hert.After the university termination Hert started to teach geography into school.In the course of the pedagogical activity Hert became interestedhow geographical representations are formed at children but not onto school textbooks and cards.

– One kitten

Make the emphasis on it is and will create fine conditions for the oral account.– How many all was kittens Let's count and consider, and bend fingers – And all animals how many lived on an attic Do not forget to explainshow that such an attic.– One kitten went milk to drink, and the others play.How many kittens plays consider – and bend fingers.Or take four toy kittens and in a bed stack onetwo.How many remained Also consider, touching everyone in turn.And if to consider that each kitten had the small basket bed and the saucer for milk – how many new schitatelny possibilities! And after all is also the wood, trees in which conveniently to consider, and the multistorey building with short flights of stairs on which you go down – you rise, and people da animals da birds and insects, which will meet on the road.

It is a rocking

Accessories to care of children.You need at the double accessories on the care of children.Certainly, two cots, two stools, two automobile seats, a double carriage are necessary.There are accessories on leaving which will be enough and in one copy.It is a rocking chair, prygunka, a pelenalny little table, a children's tray.Feeding.Before parents at whom twins or triplets were born, there is very important choice.It is necessary for them to make the decision on how they will feed the children.Some mothers want to carry out only chest feeding.


To children about two months a dose of medicine should appoint only the attending physician.When to call the doctor.Contact the doctor if at the child there is following breath is complicated or speeded up; wings of a nose are inflated at each breath;th WEEK rattles are audible; color of integuments changed and became gray or earthy; the child badly eats; the child constantly cries; child languid, indifferent; body temperature rose to ,° or already long time keeps; the kid pulls itself ears; urination was reduced.If at the child any of these symptoms, the pediatrist wants to visit you.At accession of a secondary infection the course of antibacterial therapy can be appointed.

And when

And once … once the bud revealed – and all saw its yellow seredinka similar to the small sun, only slightly – slightly shaggy.Once upon a time there was a solar dandelion; and very much to it on light it was pleasant; da's dews of dews.And when absolutely grew, color it changed the.Look, as on a long small stalk its white head shook.And all it consisted from small the white fuzzes similar on , or umbrellas.They were lungs – lungs, and they wanted to fly up, therefore that the sunflower seed, a kernel held a tip of everyone .

§ Memory

Stability of attention to intellectual activity considerably increases by seven years.By the end of preschool age at children ability to any attention starts to develop intensively.Further, in school trainin any attention becomes an indispensable condition of the organization of educational activity.§ Memory development The preschool age is characterized by intensive development of ability to storing and reproduction.The period on which people are remembered, events, at preschool age is removed for vaguely long terms.Really, if we difficult or nearly cannot remember something from events of the early childhood, the preschool childhood leaves many bright memoirs.


And receptions of training are born from experience.More profound knowledge of modern doctors changes many receptions of empirical medicine.The empirical medicine resorts to a krovopuskaniye and plasters.Scientific comes back to an old principle vis medicatrix naturae, that is force in the nature.The live organism is capable to battle to an illness and to win it.This principle should be studied, creating rational medicine.The one who believes that the medicine or the doctor treats the patient .The one who knows that the organism itself can recover for this purpose it it is necessary to preserve, support in it a natural power the scientist.

The teacher

The subject A.Louise threw a wool lump into fire.Began to smell the paleny.The teacher abused Louise.The boy opened a window to air.Subject V.Ernst overturned an inkwell on a floor.The floor became dirty.The teacher rebuked the boy.He promised to be attentive.The subject S.Elza well read the story.The teacher praised it and gave the excellent.Elzait is happy.Subject D.Maria soiled the writingbook.

I think that

Bought then a long loaf and whether ~monads also sat there.It was healthy because that our company has theplace.Then ~ from children brought there the friends.I felt that me,our idea betrayed.I think that all so felt, because after that wedid not go any more there, and our company broke up Natasha.To participate in construction of a staff many wanted, but began it it is chosen ~the ny who had higher status.The rests had to build theoptions in more inconvenient places.If the quite strong broke awaythe group, could begin fight for at whom the staff is better.

Compose, compose

It is creativity, and it is attractive.The more will write down fairy tales – the it will want more to compose new and new.Who knows, can, thanking it in to your family there will be an excellent young writer.Compose, compose with us – What is the word These are the sounds located in certain order.For example and R and N and the word Arina turned out, – Arisha does a pause, and then meditatively speaks – Means, sounds are founders of words Inspiration secrets We noticed the fairy tale, when is easy and beautifully composed you will be adjusted on own child.

Then that

Vo~pervykh, it chose to itselfthis column and persistently directs the actions on it let's get all the same it I will not leave, and I will master, though with a knife I will stick, time ~ another not to think up.Vo~vtorykh, despite the desire to be in a game ~step with the chosen object, the boy is angry and as a result ventson an idol the rage.Then that adults, wishing to keep an idol in not ~prikosnovennost, provoked in relation to it much more time ~rushitelny actions.And how it was necessary to arrive To consider de's interests ~ty younger school age and to put for them at a playgroundWhen members of group agreed that the circular rassadka is optimum forimplementation of the purposes of our occupation, we started space transformation uchebno ~ rooms shifted tables to walls, and in the center put in a circle chairs for participants.

Let's remind

Badly if it speaks about the ship with grief or at once describes obstacles – is not present boats to reach, there is no desire.Such quite often happens at teenagers, but be not frightened, this age world vision, it passes, when the evolved person starts better itself to understand.Let's remind once again that answers which disturbed you – yet occasion to write down itself or the child in the category unsuccessful, it only mold of a present condition of consciousness and subconsciousness.But on any disputed issues it is necessary to pay attention and consider them in the further.The CASKET WITH FAIRY TALES Having put a felttip pen aside, the baby considers drawing and argues with itself I drew a doggie … On what it is similar … That the fairy tale was easily composed, at least it is necessary two component mood and inspiration.

But to these

It takes a stick and starts to play with it.But here the end of a stick touched a toy.It moved.The child now notices it.Its attention again directs to a toy, and it starts to move specially already it, watching reached movings.After a number of tests those movements which approach a toy are allocated.The purpose is reached, the desirable subject is received.But to these business does not come to an end.Very often interest of the child is transferred on action with the tool, on its communication with subject moving.And the child continues to investigate this communication, specially removing a toy and again approaching it a stick.

In comparison

Then physicians found out that means of preservation of health best of all help and with an illness because it is the unique source of life granting health, vis medicatrix naturae.For example, the rational mode not only is useful to healthy people, but is extremely important at care of patients.The diet for suffering gout, tuberculosis, fever has huge value.In comparison with it all drugs anything.The current trend consists in resolute replacement of toxic therapy by natural procedures rest, medical gymnastics, hydrotherapy and climatotherapy.Psychiatrists, neuropathologists enter effective treatment by work to occupy mind of the degrading patient with the ordered activity.

It translates

What the tutor in this case does A lot of things, despiteexternal simplicity of its offer.It translates for the child a situation inother system of coordinates, not so fizicheski~prostranstvenny, and psycho ~logic and moral, that does not allow it to react on ~Day as on stirring subjects and offers at once the child new programs ~ behavior in which this new installation is realized.It is interesting that among adult passengers people sometimes meet,which try to introduce in the ways available to them in consciousness ~yushchy the same truth directly through actions.Here svidetelstvoosvoyeniye of public transport trips with adultsWhen by me ~ it is roughly torn and ~ toto me does not address, as though I simply a stub on the road, I purposely not ~ while politely will not ask!By the way, this problem in principle is well familiar ~ ~to nik according to magic fairy tales the characters met on the road an oven, ~, etc.

The boy learned

,, Toys are scattered on a floor.I suggest to show a berry, the pussycat, the boy etc.I ask Kiryusha, show the pussycat shows.Berry shows.Still a berry shows.These toys .Show Aybolita shows.Show another looks around, does not find.Aybolita are at distance of cm one from another.One lies to Kiryusha closer feet, another is closer the head.The boy learned and showed on Aybolita who lies closer feet.I ask Kiryusha Show still Aybolita shows the first.


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